Meet A' Marley

Kato Group sponsors A'Marley through She is six years old and resides in Mississippi, USA. The location of her residence falls under the high impact zone, with children living in extreme conditions. 72% of children who reside there live in poverty, and 50% of fourth-graders cannot read at grade level. Mississippi has a consistent low rank for overall child well-being, with 30% of these children residing in a home headed by a high school dropout, and many being raised without the presence of their parents. While funds help support programs benefiting children residing in high impact locations, the communication between a sponsor and a child can also make a world of difference to them.

Kato Group helps A'Marley and other children like her through our continuous monthly sponsorship, but we make additional donations for every review we receive. Thanks to our amazing clients and their support, we all make a difference in a child's life!